Vanguard Sculpture Services is a full service company that also offers some services a` la carte.  If you do a lot of your own work select just the services you need from the list below to compliment your work flow.  We are happy to provide just what you need.

ORIGINAL ART AND DESIGN - Vanguard provides a variety of design services for original art, public and site specific installations.

ENLARGING - Vanguard does digital enlarging from artists models.  By scanning a small model, also known as a maquette, to create a digital file, then using that file to drive a CNC router, we are able to carve any size enlargement in a foam block.  This captures the proportion and some of the detail and transfers it to the enlargement.  Clay is then applied to the surface of the enlargement and all of the original detail is restored.

BASING - Vanguard can assist in the all important presentation of your sculpture by helping you design mounts or bases to enhance the look of your work.  We provide wood, stone, fabricated and cast bases with custom mounting systems for interior and exterior installations.

MOLDS - A well designed mold sets the stage for the entire process, a good mold leads to a good wax which in turn produces good metal.  We use a variety of flexible and ridged mold systems.  Urethane for high fidelity complex shorter runs, silicone for long storage life and excellent fidelity, latex or urethane for concrete.  Traditional plaster piece molds for museum display or demonstration.

WAX CASTING - Your sculpture's surface integrity is of the highest priority.  Vanguard uses clean, top of the line microcrystalline casting waxes that have exceptional reproduction qualities.  Our wax chasers strive to perfectly reproduce your original surface.  We request artist approval of all waxes.

INVESTMENT - Each unique casting situation requires a different process.  We offer 2-part ceramic shell for museum quality castings and sand for simple flat patterns.  Sand casting or other alloys are done in our associate foundry.  Ask us which is best for your work.

FOUNDRY - We cast exclusively in the highest quality Silicon Bronze resulting in strong easily maintained castings with beautiful uniform patinas.  Not all foundries use the same high quality metal which can result in brittle or porous castings.

METAL FINISHING - Welding, texturing and polishing give a sculpture the finished look you desire.  Vanguard precisely duplicates the finish you specify or recreates that of your original piece.

PATINA - Beautiful patinas to order.  Tell us, show us or stand next to us and give direction, we get it right every time.

FABRICATION - Vanguard fabricators build your designs to exacting specifications using your choice of materials.

ARCHITECTURAL AND ANTIQUE HARDWARE - We cast copies of your original antique hardware or your new designs.

RESTORATION AND REPAIR - All Vanguard Sculpture Services, Ltd employees are sculptors trained in multiple mediums, allowing us to perform a diverse range of restoration and repair services.  Vanguard provides the appropriate service regardless of sculptural material.  Vanguard welds, paints, cleans, patinas, replaces damaged or missing components and can meet most sculptural needs.  You will get the best possible result from Vanguard's highly trained and dedicated personnel.  We collaborate with an appropriate conservator for historic restorations.

UNIQUE AND UNUSUAL REQUESTS - We specialize in solving difficult and unusual problems.  If you have one, bring it to us, we love a challenge.

CRATING AND SHIPPING - Vanguard crates and ships worldwide using your preferred shipping method.

INSTALLATION - Vanguard provides full service installation, including delivery, secure placement, templates and site supervision.

COLLEGE COURSE FOUNDRY EXPERIENCE - A foundry experience designed to the course requirements of your college level art students.


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