Chris Andrews received a BFA in sculpture with an additional emphasis on drawing from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, MIAD, in 1991.  His professional art career began with his employment at Hartbronze Fine Arts Bronze foundry in 1990.  Through his studies at MIAD and his work at Hartbronze he discovered that welding and metal fabrication were some of his strongest attributes.  In a very short time his specialization within the foundry included welding, metal chasing and patina application.

 In 1993 Andrews established Eclectic Studios which now provides his specialized services to Vanguard Sculpture Services. He is a certified welder and has welded large public sculptures for local artists Beth Sahagian and Jill Sebastian. Andrews work has been purchased for many public and private collections including; Dave Johnson - Lake Mills, WI, Jim Scott - Los Angeles, CA, Points East Pub - Milwaukee, WI, Allison McCreadie - Milwaukee, WI, State Financial Bank - Milwaukee, WI, Rachel Hunter - London England and Susan Davidson - Oconomowoc, WI

Food Fight Series, Bronze 2009

Food Fight Series, Bronze 2009

Chris Andrews' Johnson Controls Globe
Johnson Controls Globe

Chris Andrews' "Bannana Dard"
Banana Dard

Chris Andrews' Bronze Drawer Pulls
Bronze Drawer Pulls

Chris Andrews' "Dream of a Spanish Lover"
Dream of a Spanish Lover

Chris Andrews' "Girl"

Chris Andrews' "Girl" Detail
Girl Detail

Chris Andrews' "Katlina es Muy Picante"
Katlina es Muy Picante

Chris Andrews' "Lobotomy"

Chris Andrews' "Marie the Dyslexic Stripper"
Marie the Dyslexic Stripper

Chris Andrews' "Martini Glass"
Martini Glass

Chris Andrews' "Pandora's Box"
Pandora's Box

Chris Andrews' "Party with Jack"
Party with Jack

Chris Andrews' "Plug"

Chris Andrews' "Push-Up Pepper"
Push-Up Pepper


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